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The Runescape Private Server Revolution

Welcome to Rune Impossible

Fri 17 September 9:40 PM | Mr. Impossible

Welcome everyone, to the all new, Runescape Private Server! Rune Impossible, consists of Well Mannered Staff members, that know how to have fun, while doing their job, Great members that help out the new players, and a quality Economy!
Although, this is a PVP server, there are skills to train.

About Mr. Impossible
As all of you know, I have at least 2 Identities that all the members know about. Hydro AND Mr. Impossible. The reason, for this, is while I was making the server, I changed all the stuff, to allow "Hydro" to do everything in the server, but then when I started coming up with a server name, well.. I would have had to change every thing that had to do with Hydro to Mr. Impossible, PLUS, Mr Impossible - in the server, is too long of a name, so.. you catch my drifftt.. haha
anways, please allow me introduce myself below.

Hello everyone, I'm Mr. Impossible A.K.A Hydro
I live in Texas in regions unknown(:b). I have been programming and working with website/forum design for around 4 years, I have been told I am an excellent owner, on my previous server HydroPK, and so far, on this server. I have one simple tip though, if you get on my bad side, get off as fast as you can, or you will not like the server what-so-ever

Quote from Fear
Mr Imp Is The Best Owner EVER!!!!!

Rise and Fall Of HydroPK

Sun 12 Sep 2010 - 6:24 PM | Bigassballs

(Make a tab,go to youtube, search "All I Ever Wanted", play, then read this xD)Alright, this is for maybe those that never knew about HydroPk or for those that joined HydroPk later on in it's glory days or in it's bad days. Alright just so you know, this will be the story in my point of view of what happened since I wasn't around a lot during the fall and I've played hydroPk on the first day it started,

I was the 3rd member xD or 4th I don't remember O.o. Alright, Hydropk started around Early August as I can remember. The atmosphere of the server was great. You can achieve drops more frequently and achieve high amounts of cash in a matter of seconds when abbysal demons use to drop around 50m a kill. . .
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Music Center Now Available!

Thur 23 Sep 2010 - 4:30 PM | Mr. Impossible

Thanks to, we now have a Music Center! On this page, is a playlist of songs, of my choice for now. once we get some members to comment, I will add requested songs. to request songs, please join the forums, and post a comment in the Forum Feedback! the Link to view the Music Center is located in the Sidebar to the right of the post!

reference links:
Forum Feedback - Request Songs
R.I Music Center - listen to music!